In the beginning there was "Stonewall". Where riots and protest, began a slow but sure showmanship of what we now know as Pride. 42 years later, even small town America is celebrating. 7 years ago, Modesto CA. opened the doors a facility that reached out to the LGBT communities in the Central Valley of CA. The SPC (Stanislaus Pride Center) was that organization, and gave us our first Pride celebration here in Modesto.

It was an indoor event held at the Fat Cat, that had over 500 guest in attendance, and has grown since. The event has moved to a larger venue, Graceada Park that allowed about 1000 people to attend. Last year Modesto Pride Inc. continued the tradition with it's greatest endeavor taken place with just over 3500 people in attendance. Thanks to the stepping stone provided by the SPC, and a literal act of unity, where members of the community gathered their forces. Be them straight, gay, black, white, old, young, or transgendered, they all came together to make sure it all happen. Not to mention the participation of other local organizations.

This year we are proud to announce that after a long journey in becoming a non-profit, Modesto Pride, Inc. is doing this one all on it's own, for the first time under our own 501c3.

We can not stress enough, that event is not for the organization, nor is it for the people putting on this event. It's for the people in our communities, and we are nothing without you, so please show your support.

Be Well, Be Strong and Live Long
Your Mo-Pride President,
Ramiro Asencio II